Return On Investment

Chicago, IL

Who buys solar? Not just tree huggers but smart investors!
Contrary to belief, recent studies show that the #1 reason home owners and companies purchase solar is financial.  With today's incentives there has never been a better time to invest!

  • Strong ROI – proven technology, outperforming most stocks and "too big to fail" business models.
  • Panels are at an all time low price! As world demand increases and the availability of key components decreases many analysts speculate prices have reached bottom and more than likely increase soon.
  • Incentives have never been better as the government works to aggressively stimulate the economy and encourage early adoption into an emerging and globally competitive industry.
  • Low Risk – with 20-25 year warranties, solar is guaranteed to add value through energy generation for decades. Why rent your energy when you can own it?!
  • SREC's provide a sought and trade-able commodity, adding revenue beyond the energy savings. (go to FAQ's for more info)
  • Illinois Renewable Portfolio Standards mandates that 25% of Illinois energy be solar by 2025 and will offer Renewable Energy Credits (otherwise known as REC which act like carbon offsets) which make the economics even better!
  • Pride of ownership! The PR and social value, although difficult to measure, can be justified within a companies marketing budget.

Shape Your Energy Future: Solar gives independence and control!

  • Reduces dependence on grid and energy savings are immediate!
  • Locks in energy at today's prices, allowing you to control a portion of rising energy costs.  Specifically, long term fixed price for solar electricity is between 4¢ - 8¢ per kWh (equal or below current energy pricing).
  • Turns your rooftop into an income generating asset directly impacting the bottom line.

Helps the Local Economy:  Solar installations have a compounded impact on the community! 

  • Energy savings means you have more to spend monthly on items you need and want.
  • Distributed generation ensures those energy dollars stay local and close to home.  
  • Solar creates good paying local jobs. When people are working, they are spending which benefits us all.
  • Municipal and State tax revenue stays in state, again benefiting the greater community.