Chicago, IL

At Solar Service we treat your home not like our own but like our parents home! Understanding the importance of aesthetics, simple and efficient design as well as the practicality of fitting into your budget, we will customize a solar solution to meet your family’s energy demands.

How to start exploring solar for your family?

We first start by listening and understanding your goals.  With today's technology, we can often do about 90% of the initial work on design and price while we talk by phone. Once you understand the 3 big variables - roof location, energy needs and budget - we will set up time to meet in your home and fine tune the details.  Our designers can offer various options based on your unique needs.  

Customer Quotes:

Solar Service has hundreds of satisfied customers who treasure their solar system for a variety of reasons. This is what they have to say:

“We hired Solar Service because they could install both solar thermal and solar electric, and because of their good reputation and 30 years experience.”
  -Matt & Lisa W. - Evanston, IL 

"The combination of the photovoltaic panels and really being mindful of power use in the home, we are buying half the electricity that we used to use. This was possible without changing our lifestyle. I think what is the most fun is watching our power meter running backwards. Solar Service made the whole process unbelievably easy by taking the mystery out of it. Obtaining the government incentives was very efficient and Solar Service was good about preparing the paper work for the state rebate, providing information on the federal tax credit and that saved me time."
-Harry D. - Wilmette, IL

“After using the system for 6 months I estimate we have saved 50% to 60% on our gas bill this winter. Obviously we got lucky considering the record high gas prices, but we will take it!”
-A.I.,  - Northbrook, IL, 2008

“Thank you for the amazing service I received from you and your employees. I never expected to have the work completed so soon, nor installers who are so considerate, willing to explain how things work, and take time to answer all my questions. They also did a fabulous job of cleaning up at the end of the day. Thanks for a job well done!”
-Penny P., Chicago, IL

“The thing I love most about it is that it is energy that is totally non-polluting and it is sustainable energy. It is very wonderful for the planet.  It is absolutely wonderful to be living in harmony with nature. I’ve dreamed of this for 25 years or more. When I drive up the driveway and see the panels, my heart just sings.”
- Donna and Steve V. – Genoa, IL

“I’m happy with our system. It paid for itself long ago. But I really like the statement that it makes – that we’re pro-environment and progressive – that we’re trying to do our part in terms of pollution and renewable energy.
-Peter K. – Evanston, IL (installed in 1980)

“If more people used solar we would save energy and make the world cleaner for our children’s future. I also went solar because I hated paying those high gas bills. But maybe my main reason was so I could take a good hot bath in my 80 gallon tub.”
-Dr. Joe K. – Skokie, IL

"Dear Joe, I just wanted to take a minute to express to you my experience with “Solar Service Inc.” so far…it has been incredible!!!
The guys:

  • Introduced themselves as they came in.
  • Got right to work and worked very hard each day!
  • They were very professional in their actions and were polite to me.
  • Showed intelligence on what was needed to be done and in how to get it done.
  • Worked well together-team spirit!
  • Finished any loose ends. (I took my door off the hinges, so they could get downstairs and they put it back on after they were done.)

I would definitely recommend “Solar Service Inc.” to someone interested in choosing your company for their solar needs! The whole experience has been awesome."
-J. S. - Waukegan, IL