Our Mission/Vision

Chicago, IL

Quality Service, Quality Components

At Solar Service we provide our customers with the strongest warranty and we use top quality materials. Our installation crews are highly trained and possess extensive experience in designing and installing solar systems.When you choose to go solar, choose Solar Service for the finest design and installation of efficient, affordable and reliable solar systems.

In fact, we have weathered the storm over the past 30+ years, watching installers come and go with time. We have persevered through rough times based on customer referrals and integrity to always deliver our best. We have serviced orphaned systems and repaired poorly designed and installed systems, striving to be sure that solar is well represented in the industry.

Angie's List Superior Service Award, January 2011

We are proud to have been selected the Angie's List Superior Service Award in January, 2011. We strive to excel as installers and service providers at every level of the organization. In 2009, Solar Service hired an independent marketing firm to see how we were doing. They survey 300 clients regarding overall satisfaction with the company's performance. Solar Service scored an average of 4.57 out 5, with 5 considered "Excellent".