Forest Park & Oak Park, IL

Being a landlord in tough economic times isn’t easy. We understand the rising costs of utilities and the difficulty assuring your business is profitable while you work to keep it occupied.

The savings from a solar system are especially large for owners of multi-family buildings--from 2-flats to large housing developments.  Solar energy is the most economical way to heat common hot water because the sun is a free, abundant energy source.  Although your existing hot water heater will never pay for itself, your solar investment will pay for itself over and over again through the cost savings.  

Most buildings get little or no value from the roof other than keeping out the elements. With a solar system, you can turn your roof into income property and government incentives make this an especially attractive investment!

All Solar Service systems operate automatically, require no regular maintenance for 10-20 years and deliver decades of renewable energy. Our systems work in partnership with your existing water heater.  With the extra hot water storage capacity gained with a solar system, the building’s residents will always have plenty of heat and hot water - you'll simply pay less for it.

Customer Quotes:

“We’ve gotten a lot of local recognition because of the solar systems. The tenant experience has been very positive and they have been very happy with the systems. There is certainly no shortage of hot water. It has been a very positive, no-hassle experience. Solar Service has very professional staff and skilled installers.”
- GLA Property Management

  • Five solar apartment buildings in Forest Park and Oak Park, IL
  • Each building has between 12-36 units

“In the future, the price of energy is going to go up. It is better to get a solar system now and you can save as much as possible later on. Solar uses a renewable source, while fossil fuels are exhaustible and will run out.”
- Dr. Eugene Anandappa, Owner

“A majority of our hot water needs are being met by solar energy, even though it’s the middle of winter.”
- Judith K., Logan Square Cooperative

  • 8 unit building in Chicago, IL
  • Five 4' x 10' solar panels

“It’s like having a gold mine on my roof. Why not capture the energy that falls on my roof every day! I like harvesting energy. It’s easy, and our system supplies more than enough hot water for my family and tenants." 
- Susan B., Owner

  • 2-unit home in Evanston, IL
  • Four 4' x 8' solar panels

”I commend you on the quality of the men working for Solar Service. Each and every one of them was competent, cooperative, intelligent, humorous, patient and responsive to all my comments and questions. A number of times they went out of their way to explain exactly what was the function or procedure they were doing. They worked together well.”
- Dave R. and Mary R., Owners

  • 2 flat with 2 furnaces in Chicago, IL
  • Five 4' x10' solar  panels