Chicago, IL

Our experience ensures we will design the right solution for your business needs. Having installed the largest commercial PV and solar thermal systems in Illinois, we have an excellent reputation with customers. builders, architects, municipalities and industry experts.

Business owners are some of our most enthusiastic customers because solar saves them money now and gives them the freedom to shape their business’s energy future. Generous government incentives make solar affordable and Solar Service makes it easy to receive these incentives by preparing necessary paperwork for rebates and grants.

Many of our commercial solar systems have received considerable press coverage including TV, newspaper, magazine and Internet features. In fact The World's Largest Laundry and Taco Burrito King have both received international attention!

So, what is best for your company?

Heavy users of hot water such as multi-family homes, restaurants, laundromats, gyms and car washes can benefit the most from solar hot water systems!  The technology is 70% efficient and is a perfect commercial solution against rising energy expenses! Why spend your budget on natural gas when free energy strikes your roof every day? A Solar Service Representative can help you size a system that meets your needs, keeping ROI and budgetary goals in mind. 

All businesses are great candidates for PV. By examining your electric usage, we will recommend a system that reduces your electric bills, builds company pride and shows customers and vendors that you are doing your part in reducing demand for conventional electricity.

Restaurant Case Study:

“About four years ago we started looking to the sun to reduce energy costs. We discovered solar would be a huge help monetarily and also for the atmosphere."

Salvador Lamas
Owner of Taco Burrito King Restaurant, Electrical Engineer

  • Has two solar restaurants, located in Chicago and Niles, IL and a residential solar system
  • Each commercial solar system can heat 600 gallons of water daily

Laundromat Case Study:

"It's such a good idea business-wise and conservation-wise that they should make it the law."

Tom Benson
Owner of the World’s Largest Laundromat

  • Located in Berwyn, IL
  • Solar system can heat over 2,400 gallons of water daily with 36 panels

For more information about how your business can benefit from solar, Contact a Solar Representative today!