Solar panels cut energy use
Trib Local - Jennifer Delgado  September 22, 2010
Solar panels add to green efforts for United Displaycraft

Des Plaines Mayor salutes Solar Service and United Displaycraft.
Trib Local - Karen Kozenczak  October 20, 2010
City and State officials gather as company unveils solar array
Columbia Chronicle Solar energy systems shine on dim industry
The Columbia Chronicle - Daryl Holiday November 22, 2010
Illinois lags behind other Midwest states in green job creation.

Solar Service Helps Illinois Generate Green Electricity
Natural Awakenings December, 2010
Solar Service helps Illinois generate green electricity with one of State's largest privately owned photovoltaic installations.

Solar energy: Many suburbs are still in the dark
Chicago Tribune - Elizabeth Owens-Schiele January 15, 2010
Chicago suburbs grapple with green technology as local Villages and Cities try to catch up with both the technology and consumer demand.