Bringing the Outside In - Jennie Berkson
The Evanston Roundtable Magazine - Spring/Summer '08

'Some Evanstonians have chosen to really "bring the sun in" by installing solar power in their homes. Since 1980, Brandon Leavitt of Solar Service in Niles has been installing solar hot water and heating systems in the area, including 70 homes in Evanston. "Solar is an investment," says Mr. Leavitt. "You can either rent energy or own it. Many of the people who install our systems like the idea of energy independence."'

Sol Power - Brandon Leavitt teaches students about energy harnessed from the sun
Wilmette Life - April 24, 2008

Harper School fourth-graders walked 30 seconds from the playground into the backyard of Harry and Beth Drucker, owners of the first home in Wilmette to use solar rooftop panels to heat water and produce electricity. "Sometimes the Druckers make more electricity than they need," explained Brandon Leavitt, a solar-system vendor. "You know what they get to do with it? They get to sell it back to the electric company" One youngster wanted to know how much the power company pays for the excess electricity "sold back" over the grid. Mr. Leavitt said the electric company has to pay the same rate they charge their customers because of state legislation enacted last year.