Illinois Restaurant Chain Expands Solar
United Press International - May 30, 2007
" With energy savings in the thousands, a Chicago-based restaurant chain is expanding the company using solar technologies that heat water..."

The Heat is On: Solar Thermal Energy Systems Catch On - Anne C. Lee
Medill Reports - May 29, 2007
"As energy costs and gas prices skyrocket, solar thermal energy systems, which use the sun’s rays to heat water or provide radiant heating, is becoming increasingly popular both in residential and commercial properties...."

Notre Dame High School: Renewable Energy Leader - Sarah Feinstein
World Changing - April 1, 2007
"The three-panel solar hot water system was installed by Niles-based Solar Service Inc. and can heat 200 gallons of water daily. The solar heater can displace more than 10,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually, saving tens of thousands of dollars of energy costs over the life of the system...."

Harvesting Energy From the Sun - Grace Kuikman
The Villager - April, 2007
“In January, Solar Service crews installed a 170 square foot solar thermal system for heat and hot water along with a 1 kilowatt photovoltaic grid-tied system to reduce their demand for utility-provided electricity..."